Welcome to the NFDA

At the forefront of funeral development in Southern Africa

Our Mission is to:

  • Unite the funeral industry.
  • Represent all members of the NFDA.
  • Support all cultures & religions.
  • Service the nation with- Compassion & respect; Quality service; Professionalism; Ethical standards.

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Who We Are

  • National Funeral Directors Association of Southern Africa.
  • We serve the Republic of South Africa and all SADEC countries.
  • We are a voluntary association, not for gain or profit. (Article 21 company)
  • We are governed by a Constitution and an Executive, elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The NFDA is the oldest professional body of the funeral directors undertakers in Southern Africa.

Our Purpose

  • To promote and maintain high professional and ethical standards in the funeral profession.
  • To ensure that those working in the funeral profession are properly trained and equipped.
  • To protect the interest of both NFDA members and the public who are served by the members.
  • To ensure that members comply with the legal requirements governing the funeral industry.
  • To interact with authorities of the state to facilitate good legislation and practice for the profession.
  • To promote co-operation with other professional bodies in the interest of the funeral profession.

Join Us

  • Membership of the NFDA is open to all companies of funeral directors(undertakers) in Southern Africa as well as those serving the funeral profession (i.e. monumental masons, manufacturers of coffins/caskets, funeral equipment and vehicles).
  • There are various categories of membership catering for the requirements of the above.
  • Those wishing to join need to accept the NFDA’s Code of Conduct as a basis for doing business, uphold its Constitution and meet the minimum health and professional requirements of the NFDA.
  • A prospective member needs to fill in a detailed application form, pay R400 administration fee upon acceptance, and pay the respective annual fee.

Member Benefits

  • Money-saving Products and Services.
  • Building your Expertise.
  • Ensuring Up-to-date Legal and Compliance Issues.
  • Keeping you informed.
  • A quarterly newsletter.
  • SMS Communication System.
  • Supporting your Business and the Profession.




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